LuppArt Collection

The story of the LuppArt Collection goes back to the beginnings of the Foundation. Initially, our collection was formed primarily through the addition of works donated at the end of each residency, which has been one of the conditions of participation in our Residency Programme. As part of the expansion begun in 2018, the Foundation decided to start collecting in a rigorous, systematic, and highly selective manner. We introduced a professional advisory board whose main responsibilities include the construction and curation of the LuppArt Collection.

Thus, our collecting activity has entered a new stage of its evolution, becoming ever closer to its aim of being representative of the best of contemporary art. In order to expand our collection further we have also been purchasing works, favouring artists who participated in the LuppArt Residency.

Through these potential purchases we hope to support our artists by increasing their visibility and providing financial aid to facilitate more creative work. Such acquisitions benefit not only artists but the LuppArt Foundation as well, for it enables us to build a collection that, being coherent and of a consistently high standard, testifies to the increasingly fine artistic production we facilitate on Luppa Island.